Author information.

Sam S. Nath, MS, MBA.

Sam is a chemical engineer with MBA in finance as well as being an expert in eastern and western scriptures.   From humble beginnings, he challenged himself to be a successful professional and learnt how to live beyond the limitations of circumstance.

Note from the author:

The purpose of this book is to help people overcome their fears. I know from personal experience that fear can have a crippling effect upon us, both physically and mentally, causing us develop a deep-seated issue with self-esteem. We become blind to our own potential and fail to live the life we were born to live. My hope for everyone who experiences fear as an obstacle is to teach them to be able to accept the fears for what they are, to dance with the fears, and to understand that we can all lead powerful and meaningful lives even with these fears.


I know from personal experience that fears are a result of a deep-seated belief, and it is this belief that actually runs the show. In general,, we all live with belief systems that cause our fears. We need to get to the bottom of the belief systems and realize that our belief system is not a universal truth, but that it is rather a concept. When we realize that the ghosts (fears) we are fighting are not real, we can give up the fight. Similarly, we need to recognize that the fears we are facing are fictional. Once we realize that the ghosts we’re fighting are only shadows, then we can stop fighting and our fears can become fictitious.


Our brains are designed to predict and perceive dangers. Fear is part of that very design that protects us from unseen dangers. Fears do not have inherent meaning, however, once we start giving meaning and credence to the fears, we start developing a diminished view of ourselves. Once we understand that fear is a perception that we create, we can take responsibility for our fears, and become empowered to take action, despite the fears.


This book is written to help you identify your fears and to examine your belief systems in order to be able to lead a powerful life with purpose. My hope is that when people are on their deathbeds, looking back on their lives, that they aren’t plagued with regrets about the things they could have or should have done. If this book inspires even one person to lead a life with no  regrets, then my purpose would be fulfilled. The book has been written to help you, the reader, to move away from just surviving, so you can start to live powerfully.