What actions would you take if you had no fear of failure?
What if you were someone who was not stopped by fear of rejection?
Do you want to live a life full of power and die with no regrets?

Fear is one of the most basic emotional reactions for survival. It can be a limiting factor in our ability to survive. The Paradox of Fear is that it is automated and self-created at the same time.


Join us on a journey to look fear in the eye, declare it as fiction and learn to live without regrets.


This book is an exploration into life through the prism of survival and desire.  Our perceptions become our life, and learning to control what we fear can increase our quality of life.  By expanding our awareness we can gain access to the dimensions within us that control our perceptions of fear and suffering.


This book has been written to share insight that can help empower others.  The author invites you on a journey to rediscover yourself and to learn how to convert fear into fuel for success.

You will explore life from a new perspective and

Outcomes of the book

Be inspired to take action in spite of fear.

Learn about your fears and how they affect you.

Create a life that gives you control of your destiny.

Remember your potential is great!

Allow insight to empower yourself.

Take responsibility for your life. You are in control.